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Whether you are researching to see if this breed will fit in with your family or a long time Sammy owner, we have something for you!

The Samoyed dog’s personality is outgoing, friendly, and usually totally devoted to their two legged family.

Samoyed’s also know as Bjelkier, especially in Europe have earned the nicknames ‘smiley dog’, ‘Sammie smile’ and ‘smiling Samoyed’ because of their alert and happy expression.

Although Samoyed’s do not have an aggressive nature, they can be very protective of their home and will normally warn of ‘uninvited’ visitors.Sammy’s are great as a family pet, as they get on well with children and like to be included in the families activities.

However, if left on their own, like most dog breeds the Samoyed can get up to mischief and are notorious for digging when bored. They can also be a difficult dog to train and should be properly socialised from a young age.

A Samoyed is a lovable addition to any home but before taking on the commitment of adopting one into your family, you should do your research to ensure that these beautiful dogs are suitable to your lifestyle.

Smiling Samoyeds Community

Here at our Happy Samoyeds community we have heaps of information to help you to do your Samoyed puppy research.

We also have information about caring and training your new family member once you accept them into your forever home!

Happy Samoyeds’ have an active, caring community who are passionate about our Smiling Sammy’s. Love to have you join us ♥

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