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About Happy Samoyeds

Happy Samoyeds is a “Sammy haven”

About Happy Samoyeds

A place where you can leave the cares of the world behind and immerse yourself in the joy that comes from gazing at the incomparable ‘smiling’ Samoyed.

This is the perfect place for Sammy lovers to learn more about this dog breed and to share their gorgeous photos and stories of their beloved furry family members.

We can share our love and passion for this beautiful animal and learn from one another’s experiences at the same time.

If you are already “owned” by a Samoyed, you will know that this dog breed has many unique features – their friendly, smiling face, talkative manner, stunning white “bear” coat, lovable, loyal nature and many more.

Samoyeds are undoubtedly the dog with “Personality Plus” as well as a stunning appearance which often stops passers-by in their tracks.

Samoyeds are completely happy just being with you, so they make the ideal companion dog, especially with their ability to “talk” and become a real member of your family.

You will learn lots about the history of Samoyeds, finding the right puppy, owning, training, grooming and showing your Samoyed. All your burning questions about this amazing breed will be answered here at Happy Samoyeds!

Who is Emma Alexander?

I have owned Samoyed Dogs for more than 30 years and I have made it my life’s journey to learn all there is to know about this amazing breed.

The Samoyed’s uniqueness, their loyalty, their lovable etc etc etc has turned my passion for the beautiful Samoyed breed into a wish to share my knowledge with others who can see the beauty in these magnificent dogs.

About Happy Samoyeds Dogs

It all started when I was a pre-schooler staying with my grandparents while Mum went to work and every afternoon without fail I would be visited by a beautiful white, fluffy dog who looked like a bear. As a lonely child, this ‘bear’ was my comfort and I looked forward to the visit all day. Then one day, the ‘bear’ stopped coming. We heard from a neighbour later that they had seen the dog jump into a car and it was never seen again. I was devastated and the memory never left me and I have made Samoyeds my life ever since.

We have a thriving Facebook Community which you can become a part of and I’m also author of The Samoyed Dog

So if you, like me, have a burning passion for these gorgeous lovable man’s best friend then make sure to visit often as we have much more to share and make sure you download our Naming Guide. Even if you are not looking at naming a brand new puppy at the moment, you might know of someone who is!

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