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Samoyed Breeders

Are you looking for reputable Samoyed Breeders?

You shouldn’t need to be warned about buying from pet shops and back yard breeders.

Samoyed Breeders

Pet shops don’t have the specialised knowledge and background history and back yard breeders are possibly in it solely for the money and you may be asking for trouble – you may end up with a poorly bred dog with multiple health problems.

Have you have decided on the purpose of your Samoyed puppy?

– ie, for showing, breeding, or just a family pet

If you haven’t yet decided, have a look around our site and do your research. Once you know, you can then have productive discussions with Samoyed breeders.

It is ideal to see your puppy before you get it, but if that is not possible, visit the kennel some time prior to its arrival, and preferably see the ‘parents’ or get photos of them. In many instances, if the breeder is well-known, you will be able to visit their website and see examples of their breeding success.

Reputable breeders will be able to give you the hip and eye scores for their Samoyeds’ which will lessen the likelihood of your puppy having problems.

This page will provide you with information on reputable breeders who you can contact in the knowledge that you will be getting the best possible Samoyed puppy for your family.

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