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Communicating With Samoyed Breeders

The Importance of Communicating with Samoyed Breeders

When a litter of pups is born, it doesn’t always go to plan, so it is critical that you are able to communicate openly with your chosen Samoyed breeder, and vice versa.

Our family are such animal lovers that once we set eyes on our new ‘family member’, there is no way we are going to do a ‘Return to Samoyed Sender’, and we have been caught because of this.

Our first Sammy was purchased from a Samoyed breeder about 1400 kilometres away.

We did exactly what we recommend to anyone else now – we visited the breeder’s kennel prior to ordering our ‘fluffy’, which we planned to show and breed from.

What we didn’t know when she arrived by plane, and we had taken her into our home and hearts, was that her tail was kinked and would actually never lift up over her back, immediately ruling her out of any possible showing program because that is a required standard of the breed.

It was not immediately obvious to an inexperienced dog owner, because the kink was right at the end of the tail, and while it hung down nicely, it would not lift.

Nevertheless, she became an integral part of our family, and we were too young and naïve at the time to realise that a reputable breeder would have known in advance that she had a fault.

Had the breeder informed us that she was not suitable as a show dog, and that in fact, she would only ever be suitable as a family pet, we might have felt different about it, but we always felt cheated, in the sense that the breeder had not been open and honest.

Reputable Samoyed breeders will tell you if there is a problem with a litter –

  • perhaps there is a kink in the tail,
  • a discolouration that should not be there,
  • a lack of pigmentation,
  • or perhaps the puppy is the ‘runt’ of the litter.

As long as the breeders’ are open and honest, you can decide for yourself, before you become attached, whether or not you are happy to accept a new puppy under those conditions.

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