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Caring And Training

Caring and Training Your Samoyed Dog

How are you going to care and train your Samoyed?

Caring and Training Your Samoyed Dog

You need to think seriously about how you will go about caring for and training your Sammie because as you have probably already figured out, the Samoyed dogs have a thick coat and people will tell you that they are notoriously difficult to train.

The best thing to do when you get your first Samoyed is to ask the breeder what equipment they use to groom their dogs and you can try out their suggestions.

However, I have found that there are almost as many different ideas as there are breeders! Well, not quite, but they all seem to have their own preferences.

We have found over more than thirty years of owning Samoyeds, that the Samoyeds themselves have preferences for different grooming tools.

We will be profiling different dog tools with their various benefits so you can decide for yourself.

The key to training your Samoyed is to realise that they can be stubborn and very independent so we will also look at ways that you can still achieve what you want and yet love each other as much as you did at the start.

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