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Choosing A Puppy

Choosing Your Samoyed Puppy

Choosing a Samoyed Puppy

The time you take in the lead up to choosing a puppy is time very well spent.

A Samoyed pup should become a part of your family and you need to be sure that they are the right breed for you.

Historically, the Samoyed breed ‘belonged’ to families in an Eskimo tribe, living up close and personal with them, sharing their lives and their work. As a result, they expect to interact with – or simply be a part of – your family, with all that that entails.

Take all the time you need to research our gorgeous Sammy breed.

Sammies are not the dog for you if you just plan to keep them locked in a kennel in your back yard, with little interaction with people or other dogs.

Look closely at different breeders and decide whether you want to show your dog, or breed from it, or whether you just plan to have a family pet.

This page will provide you with a lot of crucial information on how to get the right Samoyed puppy if you decide that our beautiful breed is for you.

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